Each module will Include

  • Videos of Dr. Lopez discussing the different stages of development: Cognitive, Speech and language, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Social and Emotional

  • PDF Milestone Tracker Guide

  • Check List

Modules For Age Groups:

  • Birth -3 months

  • 4-6 months

  • 7-9 months

  • 10-12 months

  • 12-18 months

  • 19-24 months

  • 25-30 months

  • 31-36 months

Parenting is hard, but here's a membership that can at least make it a whole lot easier. This membership service is for the parent who is currently invested in supporting and understanding their baby’s development. Dr. Divina Lopez always wants parents to be well informed, so she created a monthly membership for parents of infants through toddlerhood. You will learn what to expect at each stage of development and what is considered normal or abnormal. Your baby will learn to reach their milestones while playing with you!
In this membership you will have access to videos for each developmental stage. These videos are curated to offer fun easy activities that focus on your baby’s development from day 1 to year 3. You will also have downloadable pdf checklists with vital, valuable content to track your child’s development. The areas of development that will be focused on are cognitive functioning, speech and language, fine motor, gross motor, social and emotional. This is a great program to get your child preschool ready!

As an added bonus Dr. Lopez will be including sections on sleep, toilet training, and discipline!



Dr Divina Lopez

Dr. Divina Lopez is a Board Certified Pediatrician who's worked for over 10 years. She is currently working in the Public Health setting as a school physician, you most likely know her from Telemundo, Univision or IG where She enjoys doing segments on educating parents and giving general advice in her field of expertise. You can connect with her @drdivinalopez on Instagram and Linkedin or her website at www.drdivinalopez.com

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