Your Parenting Journey


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  • Q&A's live sessions

  • Family Report Card

  • E-Baby Manual

  • E-Baby journal

Course Program

  • 1


    • Cheers to your New Journey!

    • Policies, Terms & Conditions

    • Confirmation of agreement

    • Workbook

  • 2


    • Caring for your newborn

    • Getting Dad Involved with the New Baby

    • Eco and Baby Friendly Cleaners

    • 8 Tips for introducing your fur baby to your new baby

    • Sleep Schedule For 2 Month Olds

  • 3


    • Week 2 Baby Safety Week, How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Made by New Parents!

    • Room by Room Baby Safety Checklist

    • Strategic Childproofing

    • Expect These Challenges as a New Mom

    • Try These Tips To Let Go of Perfection as a New Mom

    • Fall in love with your New Post Baby Body

    • Baby Registry Checklist

  • 4


    • Baby's Development

    • Copy of The Cognitive Developmental Milestones your baby should be developing from 0 - 3 Months Video

    • Copy of Supporting Cognitive Developmetal Milestones at 0-3 Months Video

    • Social and Emotional Developmental Milestones 0-3 Months

    • Play with your 0-3 month old to support

    • Speech and Language Development for 0-3 Months

    • Supporting your baby's speech and language skills 0-3 months

    • Fine motor Development 0-1 month

    • Supporting your 0-1 baby's fine motor developement

    • Fine Motor 1-2 months

    • Supporting your baby's fine motor development 1-2 months

    • Fine Motor 2-3 Months

    • Supporting your 2-3 month old baby's fine motor development

    • Gross motor development 0-1 month

    • Supporting your baby's gross motor development from 0-1 month

    • Gross Motor Development 1-2 months

    • Supporting your baby's gross motor development 1-2 months

    • Gross Motor Development 2-3 months

    • Supporting your baby's gross motor development 2-3 months

  • 5


    • Self care for parents

    • How To Get Your Life Back on Schedule

Your Coach


Dr Divina Lopez

Dr. Divina Lopez is a Board Certified Pediatrician who's worked for over 10 years. She is currently working in the Public Health setting as a school physician, you most likely know her from Telemundo, Univision or IG where She enjoys doing segments on educating parents and giving general advice in her field of expertise. You can connect with her @drdivinalopez on Instagram and Linkedin or her website at

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  • What services are being offered?

    First I want to make it clear that as a coach I will not be functioning as your Pediatrician. As a coach I will not be performing physical exams and I will not be diagnosing or treating your infant. I can certainly guide you and help you understand how to choose the right Pediatrician for your baby. The package will include an initial assessment with the parents which I think is ideal if done prenatally, that way I can understand what your expectations are. I can provide anticipatory guidance, breast feeding advice, sleep advice, teach you how to get the baby on a schedule, teach you how to support your baby’s development, nutrition for baby and also advice to keep you functioning as a happy couple. I will have direct contact with you either virtually or through email to answer your questions. There will be one virtual group session each week for 4 weeks. Expect the virtual session to last about 60 minutes. You also receive the E-Baby Manual, E-Journal and Family Report Card.

  • How can I access your services?

    You can access my services by purchasing my coaching program. You may contact me via email if you have any other questions about the service.

  • What happens in an emergency situation?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • How long will it take for emails to be answered?

    Email will be answered within 24-48 hours.